Black Cherry Limeade Boxtail

    Black Cherry Limeade Boxtail


    Each 1.75-liter BOXTAIL contains 14 perfectly pre-mixed cocktails handcrafted with organic fruit juice and extracts, that have approximately 5g sugar per serving. A quick and easy way to enjoy an ultra-premium craft cocktail, BOXTAILS contain 12% abv which is twice that of traditional seltzers, which also makes Boxtails completely shelf-stable. With Black Cherry Limeade, find sweet bursts of ripe black cherry and notes of fresh-squeezed lime. Enjoy each natural fruit flavor in the collection, Watermelon Tini, Mango Punch, Mojito, and Perfect Margarita.

    BOXTAILS are made from eco-friendly recycled paper, and each container can be composted or recycled. One recyclable BOXTAIL container is the equivalent to 5 seltzer cans that eventually end up in landfills, making it the more sustainable choice. 

    For this craft cocktail, just tap the box, and add the rocks.